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 Om Soul Movement is rippling out techniques to stay calm and grounded in the eye of the storm. #Breathe #autismawareness

About Us And Our OM SOUL Movement

Ocean 2 Mountain Soul Movement OM SOUL starts along in the Monterey Bay ocean line that is nestled against the Santa Cruz County mountains. Here is where the energy of OM SOUL infused the movement of joining Yoga calming techniques and Autism sensory systems together. We love Yoga and our granddaughter Gabrielle has Autism and we use these little calming tools daily...& many times I too want to have a melt down especially more this past year. It really shed a bright light on how important these techniques are for ALL of US together as a WHOLE... Ocean 2 Mountain Soul Movement is creating ripples into the community pond about how essential yoga is for you and your overall well-being. The Movement of OM SOUL is to help connect the dots with your own SOUL and make your soul SPARKLE... It's amazing how strong our community is and how we ALL have embraced a CALMER way of living. It's a beautiful way in inject inspiration deep into the roots...... Breathe deep, count your blessing small and big, stay simple, be gentle with yourself and TRUST in the Universe.......AN AMAZING UPLIFTING BRAND.....Blessings to you, Ghislaine*OM SOUL*

Ocean 2 Mountain Soul “OM SOUL MOVEMENT” is rippling out Autism Awareness and calming techniques to the masses of beautiful SOULS to stay calm and grounded in the eye of the storm. This Movement is for EVERYONE to remember to Breathe deep, Count your BLESSINGS big and small. One day at a time. Breathe deep and Shine bright 
#autismawareness #ohana #omsoul #breathe

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